The Moving Dilemma

I find myself awake at night making plans.  It’s a terrible habit of mine.  I just can’t seem to ever turn off my brain, and with our family growing again it has been even harder to quiet the never-ending thoughts.  Greatest consuming thought these days: deciding whether we should move or not.  The house we are in right now is a great little house and perfect for our family of three.  But will it survive one more? Seriously, I just don’t sleep much.

The house we are currently renting is a 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath. It is around 1100 sqft (yes, it’s small!).  Right now that extra bedroom functions as a guestroom/office.  It is going to be hard to lose that space.  I can’t even fathom Jonah sharing a room with an infant, so baby will have to take at least a chunk of the guestroom. This house is also lacking any sort of “playroom” area.  The living room currently houses the majority of Jonah’s toys.  It is pretty much kid-central all the time.  How will we fit with toys and baby gear everywhere?

Obviously, more space would be ideal for us once the new baby arrives.  But here’s the hard part– our rent right now is amazing! It is going to be really hard to see it increase by $400 or $500 each month to get a larger home (based on what we’ve researched so far).  We know the smart, financial decision is to stay put as long as possible and keep saving as much as we can.  For that reason alone, we shouldn’t move (at least not in the next year).

But if we stay, is there a better solution?  Could a toddler with poor sleep habits share a room with a young baby with who-knows-what kind of sleep habits?  Can one room function as a nursery, guestroom, and office simultaneously? And as desireable as a playroom is, how necessary is it?  OR should we scratch saving the extra money and just get the space we need?

Any thoughts dear readers? I would love to hear someone else’s perspective on all of this so I can get a little more sleep!


8 thoughts on “The Moving Dilemma

  1. This was our problem when E was born! My #1 thought is how neccessary is the guest room? Does it actually get a lot of use? Do your guests stay a long time or just a short visit? Is there room for a blow-up mattress somewhere that your guests could use for a short stay? Consider a pack-n-play or bassinet for your room to keep the baby in until it’s sleeping through the night. We found Maddox actually slept better when he shared a room with E, he liked having someone in there with him rather than being by himself. Could you maybe just get a fouton for guests and use that room as a playroom and have the kids share? Just some thoughts! I know you need more space, but like you said, if you can make it work for a little while and save some money that’s always a good solution!

  2. The moving dilemma … that’s a good one! In my opinion you guys should stay where you are and prepare for a move in the next year or so. The kids can share a room regardless of their sleep habits, trust me they will adjust. Both will be at ages in the next year where having a lot of space in the house shouldn’t be an issue. I’ve watched how active your family is and I don’t think you need to concern yourself with a playroom until they are a bit older. You guys are very adventurous and get out a lot. Purchasing a home .. relocating is a big step. You want to allow yourself time to research different areas, as well as schools, etc. Also, take some time to create your budget, decide on leasing, building or purchasing an existing home. You guys have a unique situation that I believe you should take advantage of. You are already creative, so put those tools to good use and create ideas to make the most of the space you have. And when it is time to move on, you will be ready both financially and emotionally. At the end of the day, you and Josh will make the best decision for your growing family of four. BTW .. congrats on the baby. What a blessing from God! Hugs for Jonah!!

  3. Why can’t Jonah’s toys make it back into Jonah’s room? Maybe some need to go away for awhile, make it to a grandparent’s house, garage sale, or donation? Kids rarely play with the same things for too long. I definitely agree with Krista though… how necessary is the guest room? It is definitely the most logical choice for the new baby to me. Once they are both sleeping through the night you could put them together? I would try to stay until you know for sure that it’s not enough room! Save the money and save the headache of moving while pregnant and taking care of Jonah!

  4. Just putting in my 2 cents I live in new Zealand and we have 4 children and live in a 3 bedroom home! it’s really not ideal but you can make it work if you have a good attitude and focus on the financial end goal. Our city (christchurch) was recently ravaged by earthquakes an it really makes you appreciate the little home you have when there are so many that are homeless here. You’ll make it work and best of luck with your second baby!

    • I think that is awesome how you are making it work and appreciating it as well. We are definitely going to be doing the same! And thanks so much for the encouragement and the reminder to always be thankful.

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