The Dating Years

Finding and posting that old “baby” picture of Josh and I yesterday had me thinking about our four-and-a-half years of dating.  Yes, we dated a LONG time.  If you’ve read our about page, you may recall that we met at LSU during our sophomore year in 2004.  We were both taking Religion 2030: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.  It was an elective for each of us.  Josh was in Electrical Engineering; I was in Nutritional Sciences.  There would have been no other way for us to meet…probably ever.  Looking back, there was no rhyme or reason for why we took that class, other than it would be interesting to us.  Don’t you just love little, crazy things like that?

I made the first move.  I thought Josh was cute, and he somehow looked familiar to me.  So, I went with the line “Do I know you from ____?”  He said, “no”, but at least it got us talking.  From there, we joined a study group together with a couple other people in the class and got to know each other a little better.  When the class ended in December, we kept in touch via AIM chat over Christmas break…still as friends.

During the spring semester, Josh and my friend Danielle were in a history class together.  She would casually have lunch with him in the Union after class, and I would just happen to walk by and invite myself to sit.  It worked perfectly.  :)   By February, we were good enough friends that I invited him to come to Mardi Gras with some friends of mine.  This was our first “outing” together. He definitely was into me at this point…right sweetie?  I mean, come on, I was cute! (Joking…I think it took me a couple years of college to figure out the whole “look cute thing.” blah)

By April of that year, we had our first official date.  He took me to the Chimes for a casual dinner.  I think we stopped for coffee or ice cream after.  It was wonderful.  One thing you probably don’t know about me: Josh was my first and only boyfriend.  I mean unless you count the boy I held hands with in 3rd grade.  I don’t.  Everything with Josh was new and exciting and frightening.  He was handsome, played guitar, super smart, and liked me.  I was smitten for sure.

We claim April 16, 2005 as the start of our official dating relationship, but it was not smooth sailing from there.  We had a lot of ups and downs.  I think we broke up 3 times, two of which were pretty serious break-ups.  Each time, however, we managed to start talking again and decided to “just be friends”, which would eventually lead to us dating again.  It was funny that even though we were furious with each other (for whatever reason) and didn’t think the relationship would ever work, we kept just wanting to be together and talk.  We had crazy chemistry and a strong friendship.  As much as we tried being apart, it never worked.  God had bigger plans.

By 2007, the year we graduated, our relationship was solid, and we knew that marriage was in the future for us.  I was heading off to Chicago for two years of teaching with Teach for America, and Josh was heading up to Purdue University for his Masters degree.  Praise the Lord we would only be two hours apart!  God definitely had a hand in that.  Two years of “long distance” and each of us being extremely busy was challenging.  I think I cried almost every Sunday evening we were together because I knew we would be apart in just a few, short hours.  It was hard, but it did make us stronger.  It forced us to improve our communication, and it made time together so much sweeter.

In May of 2009, Josh asked me to marry him (finally!!!), and I said yes.  We were married four months later.  And if you are good at math, you will realize that four months after that, we found out we were pregnant with Mr. Jonah.  I guess it was a good thing we dated soooo long, since our life since then has been at lighting speed.  We wouldn’t want it any other way.


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  1. AWWWW…. That was a sweet post to read. You guys are precious together! And I am still soooo envious of your engagement photos:)

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