The Blue Chair Project

Well, now that Jonah is one, my blue chair photo project is complete.  I think.  Each month, for the last twelve months, I have taken a picture of Jonah dressed in a gray onesie in our blue chair.  It was my little way to track his growth through the year.  Now that he is a year old, I’m wondering if I should stop or continue each month for another year.

No matter what decision I make, his twelve month pictures came out pretty cute.  He insisted on having Monkey with him in his pictures.  He is such a goofy kid sometimes.  I love that these pictures captured that side of him.

One of my favorite things that Jonah does: he lounges.  Whenever he is on a couch, bed, or chair, he gets in this great little lounging position and sighs.  It is unbelievably cute.

And now from the very beginning, here is the entire project:

In spite of the crazy changes in lighting and white balance, I love seeing that sweet baby grow up in 12 pictures.  I’m so glad I did it.  Hmm, maybe I will continue the blue chair project for another year.  What do you think?

5 thoughts on “The Blue Chair Project

  1. LOVE this! Totally do it another year!

    LOVED seeing the changes in each photo! His personality really seemed to come through in each one!

  2. WOW … I LOVE IT!! … I wish I would have been as creative as you are … before you know it he will be 18 sitting in the blue chair in his grey onsie!! Gotta love it!! (SMILE)

  3. You should definitely continue it! Once he’s older, maybe just do yearly or quarterly pictures rather than every month if he starts to fight it?

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