Our two-year anniversary this week had me thinking.  Just because we are no longer “newlyweds” in the world’s eyes, we have no reason to stop acting like it.  I realize that our marriage is only improving with time, so I don’t mean to suggest you should always act like you are at year one.  But I think living like things are still new and exciting is so important to keep the love alive.  We believe that marriage is the greatest adventure out there.  We believe that it should be celebrated extravagantly.  We believe it is a top priority to keep your marriage healthy and happy.

We aren’t pros by any means, but here are some ways Josh and I try to keep things interesting in our marriage (don’t worry…this is the G-rated version).  Hopefully, these things will help us live out that “newlywed” spirit for the rest of our lives together.

1. Celebrate a Monthiversary

We did this for almost a year straight and loved it.  We really need to pick it back up again.  Basically, you do a little something for your spouse on your wedding day of each month (ex. the 12th of each month).  We got the idea from my grandparents, who have been married for over 60 years (I think?), and who have celebrated their monthiversary EVERY MONTH since they were married. My grandpa will just write my grandma a little note or give her a card.  Simple but so sweet and thoughtful.  It is a constant reminder of why you are in this together.

2. Make Date Night a Priority

This is especially important for all the mommies and daddies out there.  Josh and I need these date nights when all we can focus on is Jonah and work and housecleaning.  It is our time to reconnect and remind each other that we like each other.  Even without kids, date night forces you to talk to each other or experience something new together.  Sometimes we go out to dinner. Sometimes we just walk around Wal-Mart.  As long as it is just the two of you and it is something out of your routine, it does the trick!

3. Go on an Adventure

Ok, so this one does not have to happen weekly.  But plan SOMETHING.  Maybe this is  a vacation somewhere new.  Maybe this is a mission trip as a family.  Maybe this is hiking on a Saturday.  We have learned that if we aren’t out experiencing life together, we will get bored REAL fast.  So many people I know are super adventurous in college, but as soon as they are married with a job and kids, everything just freezes.  Who better to try new things with than your best friend and family? Don’t let money be an issue.  Make it work or make it cheap or both.  It is so worth it.

4. Love Others

If you have a lot of love for each other, why not let it spill over to bless others?  Love on your children (that’s a given), your family, your friends, and people in your community.  Invite people over for dinner or game night.  Offer to babysit for a married couple you may know that is in need of a date night.  Find a mission or non-profit you are passionate about and actively support it.  Stay in touch with your SINGLE friends and make time to keep those friendships going.  Practice random acts of kindness together.  It’s amazing what you will learn about each other when you are actively loving others.

Anything to add to this list, especially from you marriage veterans? I’d love to hear your thoughts. :)

psst: all photos were found on Pinterest.  Sorry for the lack of direct links.

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