I have a problem starting things and not finishing them.  For example, this post was meant for yesterday.  Mhmm. I used to think everyone did this. Now I know better.  You see, there are people out there that actually finish things right after they start them.  This blows my mind. I still can’t quite understand it.  Don’t you people get distracted? Don’t you like to let things simmer for a bit and think about it some more?  Don’t you have a 9-month old climbing on top of you at all hours of the day?

Oh, you don’t? Weird.

I really do know some of these awe-inspiring people.  My friend, Samantha, is a do-er. She will have an idea, get started, and then finish it within a day or two. It is unbelievable.  And the worst part (for me) is that she does have a baby climbing all over her.  I just don’t know how she does it.

One thing’s for sure, is that I procrastinate.  I almost typed procraztinate. I kind of like that better.  (changing title of post now)  I get great ideas and get started, but the finishing part is much, much harder for me.  Poor Jonah, I will not blame it on him.  It really is my own fault.  I get unsure of myself or I plan poorly and run out of time or I lose steam and push it off until the next day. Unfortunately, that next day ends up being weeks later, and I am stuck with a pile of unfinished projects.

I wouldn’t call myself a lazy person.  I like to relax from time to time, but I’m not lazy.  Getting things done is my high.  Checking off lists is like a drug.  Ask Josh, he will tell you all about it.  So why do I struggle so much with actually finishing projects if I love the feeling of getting stuff done?

Maybe I’m afraid they won’t turn out as beautifully as my head sees them. Maybe I just don’t have enough energy anymore to dedicate to little projects.  Maybe I just need a kick in the buttocks.

Yes. Let’s go with that!

Here I am.  Putting it out there. I will finish these crazy, half-done, been-working-on-for-months projects. That’s what Samantha would do.  And that is what I should do.  I need that checking-off feeling again.  I need to see progress in my home. Having a baby, being tired, and over-thinking will not hold me back.  Here is my list:

  • once pictures come in, start and finish photo art project that I talked about last week
  • finish spray painting black frames for frame wall
  • hang up black frames on frame wall
  • finish painting blue desk for bedroom
  • sand and stain oar for bathroom
  • hang up wall art and oar in bathroom

Do you have any unfinished projects? Maybe this is the week to get’er done. Will you join me as I battle procraztination? I would love to hear all about it.  Or maybe you are one of those super, amazing do-er people. Teach me. What are your tips and tricks?

This has inspired me a lot this week to get things done.  Are all you Pinners out there on board?


2 thoughts on “Procraztination

  1. I don’t even have to tell you how long it takes me to finish a project….pictures still need to be hung in the kids’ room from when D was a baby; playroom to finish; walls to paint; swing to stain; I really could keep going, but you would probably get bored : )

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