Our Little Secret

There is something you may not know about us.  It is not something people talk about much.  We aren’t ashamed of it, but we don’t necessarily advertise it.  It’s one of those things that just makes people wonder, especially older, “responsible” people.

You see, we are renters. Gasp!

Yeah ok, it isn’t a huge deal, right? Well, we actually get a lot of funny looks when people find out that we don’t own our own house. How could a young, growing family with a successful, working bread-winner not own? Isn’t that just the most normal thing in the world?

We actually think maybe it isn’t or at least shouldn’t be.  Owning a house is not a bad thing to us.  We’ve actually done it already.  When we first got married at the ripe old age of 24, we moved up to Indiana where Josh was attending Purdue University.  We decided that with his 3-4 years of school ahead of him and low cost of living, we could afford to and benefit from buying a home there.  To us, it was a smart financial decision.  I admit it was also exciting to start our new life together in our very own home.  So, we bought one.

We loved it.  We loved having a place to call our own.  We were content and settled.  Then, boom, 4 months later we found out we were pregnant and everything changed. We wanted to move back near family and Josh wanted to get a job that payed.  So, we sold our house just months after moving in.

Owning a house and selling it all within a year was not what we had intended, but life happened.  Things had to change.  When we moved to Louisiana, we decided that renting would be our best and, really, our only option.  Why should we tie ourselves down again when life is changing so rapidly for us? Why should we even think about a long-term dwelling place when we are so young and just starting out?

Buying or renting is a lifestyle choice, just like anything else.  It doesn’t make us feel less successful or less responsible to be renters.  We actually feel more free and more independent than if we had a huge mortgage hanging over our heads.  We like having flexibility if life hands us another surprise, and we don’t have the fear of losing a huge investment or not getting a place sold when needed.

Is renting a lifestyle we will choose forever? Probably not.  Are we in a hurry to change? No.  Do we like people that own their own homes? Of course! We aren’t haters.

This truly is our home, even if we don’t own it.  As I have come to realize, as long as we are all together, life is good.  Maybe you own, rent, travel, couch-surf, whatever…just do what makes you happy.  We are happy and that’s enough.

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