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We’ve made a little bedroom progress this past weekend!  I have dedicated the month of November to making our master bedroom feel a little more functional, beautiful, and personal.  It has been the room we have seriously neglected in our little house, and the time has come for a little makeover.  Later this week, I will be showing off this blah room of ours and give you an idea of what else I have planned.  I have too many ideas right now to narrow it all down.

But, for now, let’s just focus on issue #1: end tables.  Here’s what we have been working with for the last year and a half.


Yikes!  It was definitely time for a change.  In July, I purchased two, matching end tables, which sadly stayed in their boxes for 5 months, just waiting to be opened and used.  I’m just that crazy person that leaves things unfinished for way too long.  Sigh.  Finally, this weekend, the tables were taken out of the box and assembled.  They were really easy to put together.  I just used two tools and a helper.

He was a really cute helper but not so great for work efficiency.  Way too distracting and liked to steal the screwdriver. :)

Once the tables were set up and in place, I did a little reorganizing and styling of our bedside areas.  I just love the new look!

It is fresh, clean, modern, and functional.  I like that they don’t take away from our beautiful bed (which was a wedding gift!), but instead they complement the clean lines.  I also like that they lighten up the space against the dark wood of the bed and they gray/beige walls.

Yes, my husband keeps a baseball bat, flashlight, and fire extinguisher next to the bed.  Are we ready or what?!

It is such a dramatic change.  I still can’t believe how great they look for only $30 a pop and from Wal-Mart!  And I love that we have a drawer in each one, too.  I’m all about seeing less clutter, especially in a room where I just want to relax.  The bedside area has gone from ugly and non-existent to modern and beautiful.  Bedroom Project Part 1 =  SUCCESS!

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