Mmm, Nutella

I haven’t been very good at posting this past week.  Christmas season with shopping, activities, and family get-togethers are in full swing.  I was also trapped in a Hunger Games world for three days, where I spent any free minute reading book #1.  If you’ve read it, you know what I mean.  But, thankfully, I am back to reality and back to posting.  Today is a quick one, but it’s all cutie-patootie Jonah.  What could be better? ;)

My child is a very weird eater.  Some days he loves everything.  Other days it is Goldfish only mommy!  I think I have found a new thing that he just loves, and who can blame the kid.  Nutella.  So yummy, so chocolatey, so nutty.  It just doesn’t get much better for a 14-month old.

I think he has more fun getting it all over his face than actually eating it. Hopefully, I will be back tomorrow with a real post about how our Advent calendar has been going.  That is if I don’t get book #2 on my Nook tonight.

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