It’s No Walk in the Park

I am a firm believer in living a healthy, active lifestyle. I may not always do it, but I believe in it and I try really hard.  Most of the time.  As a mommy, it can be really challenging to find the time and motivation to work out.  When Jonah was around 3 months old and I realized I hadn’t worked out AT ALL since he was born, I just had to make a change.  A friend sent me some information on Baby Boot Camp, and I knew it was exactly what I needed!

Baby Boot Camp involves a few different programs, but the one I love is Strollfit.  Strollfit is an hour long, stroller-based fitness class that includes cardio, stretching, and strength training.  Our babies are right there with us the entire class and, sometimes, even join in on the workout.  The class is taught by a certified instructor who basically kicks our butts every class…in a good way.  This is no walk in the park!  I am always getting an intense workout and can see improvement after a couple of weeks of classes.

The best part about Strollfit is that I don’t have to worry about Jonah.  He is constantly entertained through class watching us jump or do push ups.  We also integrate counting and children’s songs into the class to engage the babies.  They absolutely love it.  At the end of class, we do ab work on our mats, and the babies get to join in.  That is definitely Jonah’s favorite part. (Oh, and try to find him in the pic below.  He was soo little and cute!)

I am so thankful that I found this group.  The instructors are so encouraging and knowledgeable, and they are understanding if our baby starts crying or needs a break.  The other moms in the group are wonderful, too.  I have made some great friends and Jonah has met some sweet kids.  We even have playdates outside of class like going to the zoo.  It has been such a great experience overall.

Baby Boot Camp has programs all over the country, so look them up in your area! If you are a local, feel free to come out and try a class one day.  The first one is free!  It has been the best mommy/baby activity and such a great way to get fit.  Jonah and I couldn’t be happier!

Note: This was not paid or perked by Baby Boot Camp.  I honestly love them so much and just wanted to tell all you fine people about it!!

2 thoughts on “It’s No Walk in the Park

  1. Did I read it correctly when you said “you hadn’t worked out AT ALL since he was born” … Seriously, you have one of the hardest jobs a woman could have and that is being a “Mother” … which I must say you have done and continue to do a wonderful job. Both Jonah and Josh are blessed to have you in their lives. God has shown favor in your life and we see it through your blogs (I think that’s what this site is called) … I will pass the information on regarding Baby Boot Camp, thanks for sharing!! Have a great weekend!!

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