In the Hood

We are finally having a few cool spells here and there, which makes me feel like fall has finally arrived.  They don’t last very long (for example, we were in short sleeves today), but they are definitely enjoyed to the fullest.  I haven’t quite busted out the winter clothes for Jonah yet. Come to think of it, I don’t think he has any.  But, we have had to zip on a hoodie a few days this past week, and Jonah couldn’t be happier about it.

He loves that thing, and I get all squealy and excited when he wears it because it is just so darn cute.  This child can rock a hoodie like nobody’s business.

Almost as great as he can rock those Chucks. Sheesh, and the skinny jeans. But let’s move on to more important things like how much Jonah loves being outside in this weather. He acts like a different child.

The clingy, I-need-mommy-every-second game that he plays in the house doesn’t exist when we go outside.  He wants to run, play, and explore.  He is constantly smiling.  It makes me so happy. (side note: Josh is a very attentive parent. He was blocking Jonah from the street, not ignoring him to check his email. Promise.)

His favorite thing to do outside is to wander.  I see this as being an issue once he can run, but for now I’ve got a handle on it.  He definitely is an adventurer at heart.

He can’t get very far from me.  From time to time, he turns around to make sure I am still in his sight.  When he sees me, I get a big smile or a wave, and then he continues on his way.  I wonder at what age that will stop?  One day he won’t look to make sure I’m still there.  He will just keep going on his own.  I hope that day doesn’t come too soon.

Thankfully, we are still around to watch over him and keep him from harm.  We have our arms out, ready to catch a hug, welcoming our sweet baby with love and joy.  And that is all he needs, now.  Now, he runs to get it.

And once we have him in our arms, we take a couple seconds to soak it up.  He will only fit there for so long.  And we are so overjoyed to have him there.

This one says it all.

How tightly we hold him. I think this is how God holds us.  So tightly and with so much love and protection and joy and acceptance.   It is such a great place to be, and it so amazing to be able to hold Jonah with as much of that as we can.

I hope you have a happy Monday and some beautiful weather to enjoy with it!

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