Here’s the Plan

Things are rolling right along with my November Bedroom Project.  I have been decluttering the bedroom by opening some long overdue boxes.  I have set up our brand new bedside tables for some much needed function and aesthetic appeal.  I am now ready to move on to the rest of the bedroom, so I put together a little plan of action and a few inspiration pictures to get me going.

First up, here’s what I’m using as inspiration for the look I want to achieve in our master bedroom.  I used dear, time-consuming Pinterest for some ideas and found this:

Obviously our room looks nothing like this (we don’t have a window above the bed, we don’t have wallpaper, etc.), but I love how calm and serene the room is.  I love the dark wood of the bed contrasting with the white side tables (which is very close to what we have now).  And I love the colors, understated bedding, and symmetry in the room.  I think this room looks super relaxing and beautiful and that is my goal in our bedroom. Here is what we are working with at the moment, which is very far from where I’d like it to be.

We definitely have a ways to go to achieve that serene, airy look, but I’m going to surely try.  First off, we desperately need reading lamps.  At this moment, we are both sitting in the dark with the glow of our laptops working away.  Some lamps would be really nice. Now, here’s the other side of the room:

The door on the left is our bathroom, and the one on the right is our closet.  The famous blue desk is in its new home and loving it.  The dresser was a hand-me-down, but is super functional and solid.  The brown thing at the foot of the bed is actually an old coffee table that we don’t use anymore. It works fairly well as an ottoman/bench, but needs to be cushioned and covered. As you can see, there are no curtains on the big, mini-blinded window. Curtains are coming after lamps, for shhuuurre! And you also notice that the walls are just pretty bare and blah.

So the room isn’t huge and doesn’t have much going on.  It is in major need of some color and interest and some personality.  The blue desk gives me a great start, but feels very alone.  So, once again I searched Pinterest–this time looking for color inspiration. Here is what I found:

I love the colors in that chair fabric.  So much.  So I played around with them on my photo editor, and this is what I came up with:

As you can see with my rough sketch, we already have the dark brown in the bed and our dresser, the blue in the desk, and the gray background in the bedding.  I want to add in the light mustard and more of the aqua with curtains, pillows, art, accessories, etc.  I’m hoping these colors together will help me achieve that calm, beautiful look from my inspiration bedroom.  And, come to think of it, the colors are fairly similar in this bedroom!

Finally, here is the tentative plan I have mapped out for our room.  Because I am trying to do this quickly and cheaply, the tweaks will be small, but will hopefully make a huge impact.

  • get matching, bedside lamps
  • find/make curtains for large window
  • hang up art above bed for focal point and needed color
  • find/make new pillows and add a light colored blanket to change-up bedding
  • hang mirror above desk or dresser??
  • recover ottoman at foot of bed
  • add personal/sentimental art to make the space really special

That’s the plan! I’ll keep you posted along the way.  Have a wonderful weekend! We will be out shopping for lamps and curtains…hopefully.

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