Going to the Zoo

Over our Christmas holidays, we were lucky to have Josh home a lot.  It was so nice to really reconnect as a family and spend some quality time together.  One of our favorite days during the break was a trip out to the Baton Rouge Zoo, which I now call the hidden gem of BR.  There is a great showing of animals, the grounds are always clean, and it is never overcrowded.  It really has become one of my new favorite places to take Jonah, especially with his animal obsession.  That helps a little.

By far, Jonah’s favorite exhibit is the tiger habitat.  There are 3 or 4 tigers.  They are beautiful, and you can get right up to the glass and see them (as seen in this previous post).

Here is the forced “please take a picture of me with my son since I’m always the one behind the camera”.  We were watching the monkeys play.

Daddy got him about 15 feet away from an elephant.  We tried to take our lunch break while watching the elephants walk around.  Let’s just say Jonah only took two bites.  They were out playing and making noise and scratching their bellies.

The parrots at this zoo are hilarious.  They will talk to you, get right in front of you, and even shake your hand (although I think the zoo keepers would frown upon that.)

After a while, Jonah was tired and needed a stretch break.

And a yoga break.

After his little exercise routine, he was raring to go for the petting zoo.  This child gets incredibly happy when goats and sheep are right in front of him. I was so proud that he actually wanted to touch them…at least with a little encouragement from daddy.


We had such a great time! What could beat a beautiful day with my beautiful family? I really can’t think of anything. :)

3 thoughts on “Going to the Zoo

  1. Sounds like a great time! Love all the photos!

    I have learned to say here take my pic with the kids! It proves Mom was actually there too! HA!

  2. Sounds like Jonah will either become a ranch hand, a vet, or anything in between. Considering his love for animals ,you guys might want to consider purchasing a home with additional acreages.

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