This weekend was one of those where I feel like we have reset.  We enjoyed some beautiful weather, cheered our Tigers and Saints to victory, and spent some amazing time as a family.  South Louisiana did not disappoint us this weekend, that’s for sure.  Living here has its pros and cons, but I’m happy to say we have been enjoying a lot of the positives lately.  On Sunday, we strolled around downtown Baton Rouge to show it off to Jonah for the first time and to enjoy it for ourselves.

The downtown area has really been developing over the last 5 years.  There are cool places to hang out, weekend events for the community, and “big city” things to see and do.  It kind of made me sad that Jonah went an entire year of his life without being down there.  We, honestly, don’t take advantage of what our city has to offer as much as we should.  After this weekend, we plan on doing it a lot more.

Our Sunday afternoon began with lunch at Schlittz & Giggles pizza.  It was very yummy, New York style pizza at a great price.

And even though Jonah looks terrified in this picture, he really did enjoy his food. And he really does like me.

After lunch, we walked towards the river with the plan to head straight to the levee.  (In case you aren’t from around here, the giant Mississippi River runs right through Baton Rouge.)  On our way, we actually stumbled upon “Sunday in the Park”, which is a free, outdoor concert event held in the fall and spring.  We had no clue it even existed, so were thrilled to find it.

There were tons of people sitting on chairs listening to the sounds of the famous New Orleans brass band, “The Dirty Dozen”.  They were amazing.

The surprise-to-us concert was actually perfect for Jonah, who is an avid dancer.  As soon as he heard that music, he couldn’t stop moving and singing and running around like crazy.

After hanging out for a bit, we headed to our original destination: the levee.  I have a ton of memories playing around here as a kid.  It is so sweet to see my baby out there now.

And even sweeter to see him with that daddy of his.  Gosh, I love that man.  Jonah loved going down the “big steps” with a little help.

Poor little guy was exhausted by the end of our trip, but he had such a blast getting there.
Josh and I kept saying how perfect the afternoon was walking around, taking in the sights of downtown, and enjoying the amazing 70-degreeish weather.  Perfection.  What was even more perfect was the precious family time we had.

I just love being around my two guys.  They are everything to me. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

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