Countdown to Christmas

Ok, ok.  After yesterday’s lazy day, you’d think I would just be taking it easy and focusing on the now.  Well, can’t I do that and still think about the upcoming Christmas holidays? I’m only thinking about them a little bit.  I promise.

I owe this pre-Christmas excitement to the latest version of the Pinterest Challenge.  I joined the challenge in the summer with a foodie photo-collage for my kitchen.  This time around, I crafted some wall decor that will be only used during the month of December, but I wanted to get an early start on making it.  One of our holiday traditions is to count down to Christmas using an Advent calendar.  I thought this year I would make my own, so I trolled Pinterest to find a little inspiration.  Here is what I found:

I fell in love and knew it was in my capacity to DIY.  This particular calendar is sold by Land of Nod, and is made of a canvas material.  I loved the idea of the 25 pockets to hide little gifts or notes, but I wanted to be able to make it with what I had around the house (aka for free).  Lucky for me, I had a lot of extra burlap lying around from Jonah’s birthday party decor, so the cutting began.

Once I had all the pieces cut out for the pockets, I ironed each square/rectangle and placed them on the large piece of burlap I had cut out. A few, select pockets got a coat of red paint (as seen in inspiration pic) and were left to dry.

In the meantime came the slightly annoying and tedious cutting of numbers.  I decided to cut the numbers out of white felt by hand.  It was what I had, and to be honest, I didn’t think it would take as long as it did.  Believe me it took FOREVER.  They came out really cute, but I think you could get the same effect with pre-cut numbers or even drawn on numbers.  I will have to remember that next time. :)

With the numbers finally cut out, I hot glued them to the appropriate pocket.  And then glued each pocket down onto the burlap backing (with glue only on 3 sides so that they could actually be used as pockets).  The pictures below are pre-glue.

Here it is this morning post-glue with a little Halloween candy doing some modeling.

I think it looks great, but obviously not quite finished.  I still need to figure out a way to make a border for the whole piece.  I’m thinking maybe a ribbon trim.  I also might add some more red details to the pockets, similar to the inspiration picture and then figure out a way to hang the entire calendar.  But that is for another day.  I’m telling you those numbers wore me out for the night!

This does get me excited about the holidays and our Advent countdown.  Maybe we will put notes in each pocket or small gifts for Jonah or different Advent activities we plan out.  The wheels are spinning. Here’s to looking forward to the fun things to come, but also remembering to treasure each day!  See, I didn’t forget. :)

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