Bump Update: 20 Weeks

I’ve made it to the halfway point! Yippee!

I have been feeling great, and other than having trouble sleeping, I really have no complaints.  Baby is a mover.  I feel that little one kicking and moving around all the time.  Josh was able to feel him/her a couple of weeks ago, which was earlier than when he could feel Jonah.  This baby is a strong kicker for sure!  My belly is growing right on track (according to doc’s measurements).  I am pretty much in maternity clothes full-time now.  This is a good thing though– I love how comfy they are!

Here is my 20 week shot.

We had our big, 20-week ultrasound on Monday.  The doctor said the baby is healthy and that everything looks wonderful.   We are so thankful!! The ultrasound tech checked the gender, but wrote it down and sealed it up for us.  Eeek! We are going to keep it a secret until Saturday when our family and close friends will gather for the big reveal!  Josh and I are so excited to find out the gender when everyone else does.  It will be such a special night, and I can’t wait to share our news once we find out.

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