Birthday Success

Jonah’s first birthday party was a huge success! Thanks again to everyone who helped and to everyone who came. We all had a great time, especially the birthday boy. He was an absolute angel during the party and had a blast playing with his cousins and friends.  We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful afternoon to be outside or for better friends and family to enjoy it all with.

As mentioned earlier, our theme for the party was “Follow the Red Balloon to Paris” based on the old French children’s movie The Red Balloon.  Everything at the party was black, white, and red, with plenty of red balloons and french inspiration.  It was such a fun party to plan for Jonah.  I will definitely be sharing more details throughout the week.

We chose to have our party at home in our big backyard.  It was the perfect setting for our large group of guests (around 50 including kids) with plenty of space to set up tables and chairs and room for the kids to play.

The highlight of the party had to be seeing Jonah really enjoying himself. So many people say that a one-year-old’s birthday party is just for adults and that the kid never cares about it. I have to disagree with that after watching Jonah laugh and play and open presents.  He did sincerely enjoy his afternoon and that meant the world to me! He is such a sweet boy.

Here are some highlights from the party:

getting ready for his cake…our little prince

singing happy birthday in 3 languages–english, arabic, and french

the spread…french-inspired yummies

jonah opening and loving all of his gifts

of course a giant red balloon was a given

Such an amazing day! We are all pretty tired around here and still have some clean-up left to do.  But it is that good tired, you know? The kind where you feel accomplished and satisfied by all your hard work, knowing that it was worth it.  I’m off to eat a leftover cake pop or two.  Aren’t those just the best?!

8 thoughts on “Birthday Success

  1. I think the theme should’ve been based on that ’80s German pop song, “99 Luftballoons” … but that’s just one man’s asinine opinion. :)

  2. Just PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!! First birthdays are SO special! It was a perfect & sweet theme for Jonah’s special day! Yall have such a beautiful family!

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