Animal Sounds

I’ve been ignoring my blog a little this week.  There are more pressing matters around here like a birthday party to execute.  But tonight, you are in for a special treat: a Jonah video!  This is one we have been trying to get for a long time.  When Jonah sees a camera out, he wants to touch it instead of continue whatever cute thing he was doing.  Finally, tonight, we had success videoing his amazing animal sound skillz!  The child is obsessed with animals and the sounds they make.  It is his party trick, and we take full advantage of this for entertainment reasons.  Sorry, Jonah, but we love you so much and think you are so darn cute that we just have to exploit you…just a little bit. :)

We always ask him “what does the _____ say?” and he responds with the appropriate animal sound.  Since Josh speaks to Jonah in French, he also knows all his animals in French and responds the same way.  In this video, Josh asks him each animal in French (there are 15 total that he knows as of now), and he makes his adorable sounds in response.  Here is the list, in case you need to follow along:

1. le tigre, the tiger
2. le chat, the cat
3. le chien, the dog
4. l’éléphant, the elephant
5. le singe, the monkey
6. le serpent, the snake
7. le cochon, the pig
8. le lion, the lion
9. la vache, the cow
10. le hibou, the owl
11. la souris, the mouse
12. le lapin, the rabbit  (he makes a munching sound)
13. le coq, the rooster (it’s more of the doo at the end of cock-a-doodle-doo)
14. le mouton, the sheep
15. le cheval, the horse (not quite there, but close)

For a one-year-old, I think he is pretty amazing.  But then again, I am a little biased. :)

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