Animal Lover

What a great weekend we had! I hope yours was nice as well.  We spent a lot of time together as a family watching football (GEAUX TIGERS!) and enjoying the still-nice weather.  It’s hard to believe it is Christmas season with temperatures in the 70′s, but I’m really not going to complain.  I love not being cold for as long as possible.  And to get a full understanding of our weather down here, get this: our downtown farmer’s market is still in full swing! That’s where we spent our Saturday morning, and it couldn’t have been better.

We headed downtown because a friend of ours was setting up a booth for Heifer International, complete with live animals.  Jonah is a little obsessed when it comes to furry creatures, so we knew this would be a huge hit with him.  We were also really interested in checking out the organization and looking into making a donation.

Once we arrived, we set Jonah loose to explore the livestock: chickens, rabbits and goats were present.  These all rank pretty high on his animal favorites list, but I think the rabbits captured his attention the most.

“Are you sure I can touch it, mommy?”

“If I just pull up a little bit harder, maybe I could get myself in there…”

“Fine, I’ll settle for petting through the fence.  If he doesn’t eat this finger, I’ll consider the rest of the hand.”

“Look, mommy, I’m sitting just like him!”

“Ok, daddy.  I’ll pet these but only if you stay really close by.”

My little animal lover.  He gets it from Josh for sure.  I’m all about cute animals and going to the zoo, but I’m no diehard.  Josh is Mr. Animal Rescue and Mr. Pet-Any-Animal-Even-The-Strays.  That will definitely be Jonah.  And I’m proud of it.  We need more people like that in this world to balance out all the haters.  :)

And speaking of things this world needs, would you consider donating to Heifer International this Christmas?  Or how about World Vision?  Just think, if you buy ONE less gift for your friends or family, you can give one of these gifts. A gift that will make such a HUGE difference for a poor family or village.  I hope you will join us this Christmas and make a donation.

And I wasn’t paid or perked.  Just wanted to mention it. :)

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