All Done

That’s what Jonah tells us when he has finished eating.  Well, he doesn’t speak it, but he does the “all done” sign by lifting up and waving his hands in front of him.  It is so cute.  Now, just imagine me doing it. (Great visual, right?) I have finally finished my to-do list for all the unfinished projects around my house. ALL DONE!  I spilled about my procraztination problem on July 28th and wrote out a list of those things that needed to be done. It only took me two months to get it all finished. Only.

  • once pictures come in, start and finish photo art project that I talked about last week
  • finish spray painting black frames for frame wall
  • hang up black frames on frame wall
  • finish painting blue desk for bedroom
  • sand and stain oar for bathroom
  • hang up wall art and oar in bathroom

The good thing is I have finally completed everything, with the blue desk being my final project.  Here is a shot of that poor desk (looking much better in this shot).  It actually has quite a story.When Jonah was around 3 months old, I saw this desk (in a pre-blue, light wood state) out on the curb a few blocks from our house.  No shame here: I am a trash-grabber and proud of it.  The desk was dirty and had a cracked side panel, but it was solid wood. I could work with that.  I picked it up and brought it home, where it sat in our garage untouched for 6 months.

Quick side story.  I was trying to figure out a better way to say “trash-grabber”.  I figured Josh could help me think of another clever term.  Here is our conversation:                         Me: What do you call those people who pick up trash on the side of the road? (meaning myself)                                                                                                            Josh: Garbage men.                                                                                                              Thanks baby, I’m a garbage man.  He very soon realized from my laughter that I was asking about people like me who pick up other people’s trash for personal use. I guess you had to be there…

Anyways, back to the post.  When I finally began work on the desk, I had to replace one side panel, do a lot of sanding, prime, and paint.  After nine months of on-and-off work, the desk was complete.  Almost.

Not sure what happened there.  Maybe Jonah woke up from a nap.  Maybe it got dark. Who knows? Last week, however, I finally took care of the last bit of painting.  I used a test can of a pretty blue that I picked out.  No clue what the name is, sorry.  Amazingly, I got two coats from that little $4 can, which covered beautifully.

My free-out-of-the-trash desk was not going to cost me much more than that. I saved even more by reusing the original hardware, and I must say that I absolutely love the way it looks!  Here it is in its new home, finally out of the garage and finally finished.

What a relief to have that darn list finished! Now I can focus on more pressing matters like a birthday party for a soon-to-be one year old.  The fun just never stops around here. :)

3 thoughts on “All Done

  1. I LOVE the desk! Robin’s egg blue is my FAV color and I long to do accent pieces in my home with it one day. However, it does not match my decor at all. Maybe in my dream farm house in 50 years. Oh, and I totally swiped a 3 story doll house for Dixie out of someone’s trash last week:)

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