Ah, Much Better

I’ve been making some much needed updates to our master bedroom this month.  It has been so nice to finally focus on our space in the house and make it more functional and beautiful.  Up until this month, our bedroom could have been described as blah, chaotic, and impersonal.  But now, I am seeing the light as a few more changes have been made.

As far as my to-do list goes, here is how I am doing:

  • get matching, bedside lamps
  • find/make curtains for large window
  • hang up art above bed for focal point and needed color
  • find/make new pillows and add a light colored blanket to change-up bedding
  • hang mirror above desk or dresser??
  • recover ottoman at foot of bed
  • add personal/sentimental art to make the space really special

Before you see the results of those checked off items, here is how the space was looking before, with only a new addition of side tables.

And here is how we are looking now:

Much better right?  (These pictures were taken at night, by the way, so please excuse the crazy lighting.)  Anyways, as you can see, I added bedside table lamps, which were much needed.  They are from Target.  I added the two abstract paintings above the bed (see how I made the first one here).  The wall was just too big for one.

I also bought new cream-colored shams (from Anthropologie) and added two homemade pillows that I made from fabric remnants to lighten up all the gray bedding.

I’m definitely loving the changes.  It is already such a happier room to walk into.  What’s funny, though, is comparing it to my inspiration bedroom:

Besides the fact that we both have birds on our pillows, the rooms are way different.  I ended up using bolder colors and more modern lamps and tables.  The room has less of a polished, pretty feel.  However, I absolutely love my room the way I made it.  I just find it interesting how what inspired me isn’t what I actually want to live with.  This room is much more “Josh and Angela” and makes us both really happy.

Does that ever happen to you? Is your finished product much farther from your inspiration than you thought it would be?   There is still more work to be done, and between Jonah and Christmas I hope to find some time to wrap this project up.  I’ll keep you posted!

One thought on “Ah, Much Better

  1. I love what you have done with your room. I am not creative like you I wish I was. I can sing so I guess you can’t have everything. Love reading your blog. Love all three of you.

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