A Thankful Table

I really want to write a Christmas post.  I’m getting so excited about it this year, but I know I shouldn’t rush into the holiday just yet.  Maybe next week. :)   Since I’m stopping myself from doing any Christmas-related writing at the moment, I figured I’d get my fix with a little Thanksgiving talk.  It’s close enough, right?  For my mom’s side of the family, we are actually celebrating Christmas at Thanksgiving this year.  It is making it really hard to separate the two holidays.

But I must.  I really do love Thanksgiving for what it is, and I don’t want the holiday to rush by this year and feel as though I missed it.  So, in honor of Thanksgiving as it’s very own holiday, I styled out a little centerpiece and banner for our kitchen table.

I used a burlap runner, cornucopia filled with collected acorns, a couple of cream-colored candles and candle holder, and a brown bird.  It is simple and festive.  The banner is just cream-colored cardstock.  I wrote out the “give thanks” in black sharpie and outlined it with a gold paint pen.  I plan on hanging it up with some twine and a little hotglue.

That’s my look for Thanksgiving.  I put it together in about 20 minutes, and of course it was all free!

*burlap thanksgiving printable found here

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