A Patio Tale

Once there were two crazy people named Josh and Angela who decided to put in a backyard patio a couple weeks before their son’s first birthday party.  It was a small patio and they had Chad, an amazing friend/professional, to help, so they didn’t worry.  The weeks came and went, however, and schedules conflicted keeping the patio from getting started.  As the party was only a few days away, Josh had an even crazier plan. “We will do it this weekend,” he said.  “Don’t worry, baby, it will get done in time.”

Reluctantly, but doing her best to trust her dear husband, Angela agreed to let them begin the work.  It was Saturday and the party was on Sunday.  Could they finish in time?!  Chad arrived that morning with stones, sand, and tools in tow.  The men were ready to go.

They began their work as the sun beat down.  They dug out the grass and leveled the ground.  Wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow rolled out, filled with grass and dirt.

Even Jonah tried to lend a little hand.  He did his best to encourage the men as they worked with his cute-ness and new walking-on-grass skills.

As the day went on, it seemed like they just kept digging and digging, leveling and leveling.  Angela kept looking out the window wondering when she would see sand and stones.  She was starting to get nervous.

The hours passed. The sun went down.  And, miraculously, as evening approached, they began to lay stones.  Angela went to bed that night hoping for the best in the morning.  Josh assured her once again it would be finished.  They were working so hard and determined to get it done.

Bright and early the next day, they started work once again.  Today, Josh’s brother was there to help.  With the three men laying stone, moving dirt, and planting, Angela was finally at ease.  She could see progress and it was being made fast!

As Angela tended to all the party details, the men finished their work.  Josh, with the help of Chad and Adam, had kept his promise.  The patio was complete and ready hours before the guests arrived!

This story doesn’t end there.  Now, looking back on that crazy weekend project, Josh and Angela are so glad they put in the effort and stress (respectively).  They can now enjoy their backyard beyond the birthday party weekend.  Jonah has a spot to play and learn the value of watering plants.  They have a new place to entertain and enjoy the outdoors.  It makes their house feel a little more like home.


They can’t thank their friend Chad and brother Adam enough for their hard work and willingness to help.  What great people to have in their lives!

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